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About Lightshot - ScreenShot Images

Written By edi website on Monday, 23 June 2014 | 15:36

This time I will discuss about the application functioning mini to photograph a picture or take pictures on the monitor screen.
Lightshot is a mini application that's easy to use as a tool to take screenshots of drawings on the screen of the monitor.
Lightshoot is easy to use and light for our PC.

How to use it very easily

1. Download Lightshoot here or here
2. Install Lightshot until completion.
3. When finished, how to take pictures on the monitor screen by pressing the PrtSc SysRq on Keyboard for PC/Laptop you guys. Or by clicking on the icon lightshot mini icon tray.

4. The image will be drawn automatically. After that you can directly take the pictures as you wish.

5. For the video tutorial, please see here

6. May be useful.

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