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Free SSH Server Indonesia Support UDP 11 November 2014

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HTTP/1.1 is a modification of the unique HTTP (HTTP/1.0). In HTTP/1.0 a separate relationship to the same server is made for every resource demand. HTTP/1.1 can recycling a relationship many times to download pictures, programs, stylesheets, etc after the site has been provided. HTTP/1.1 emails therefore experience less latency as the organization of TCP relationships provides considerable expense.
History of HTTP
The term HyperText was created by Ted Nelson in 1965 in the Xanadu Venture, which was in turn motivated by Vannevar Bush's perspective (1930's) of the microfilm-based details recovery and management "memex" system described in his article As We May Think (1945). Tim Berners-Lee and his team are acknowledged with producing the unique HTTP along with HTML and the associated technology for a web server and a text-based web online browser. Berners-Lee first suggested the "WorldWideWeb" project in 1989 — now known as the World Wide Web. The first edition of the method had only one method, namely GET, which would demand a web page from a server. The reaction from the server was always an HTML web page.
The first recorded edition of HTTP was HTTP V0.9 (1991). Lady Raggett led the HTTP Operating Team (HTTP WG) in 1995 and wanted to flourish the method with prolonged functions, prolonged discussion, better meta-information, tied with a security method which became more efficient by adding additional methods and headlines areas. RFC 1945 formally introduced and recognized HTTP V1.0 in 1996.
Free SSH Server Indonesia Support UDP 11 November 2014

Free SSH Account Server VPS Indonesia (ID):

  • Server1 SSH Account Server Indonesia  here
  • Server2 SSH Account Server Indonesia here 
  • Server3 SSH Account Server Indonesia here
  • Server4 SSH Account Server Indonesia here
  • Server5 SSH Account Server Indonesia here
  • All Server SSH Account here
  • Status All Server Virtual Private Server here
  • Download File Format .BSCP here

Free SSH Account Server Indonesia 11 November 2014 - Pukul 24.00

Manual SSH Account Server VPS Indonesia:

  • IP/Host :
  • Username : indssh.blogspot.com
  • Password :  indssh.blogspot.com
  • OpenSSH : Port 22,143
  • Dropbear : 443
  • Squid Port 80
  • Support UDP
  • Aktif Sampai dengan 11 November 2014 Pukul 24.00
  • Download SSH Account via .BSCP here

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